I didn’t knew writing a Pet story could be life changing

As every pet owner, we see our pets growing from a small furry baby to a big girl/boy who thinks she/he is still a small baby.
We also face a time when they start growing old and then we start ..

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The dog showed love in his eyes

3 Puppies living on the streets and taken care by people who live in that area.
One day two of them started following a person who lives there. That person had to go to the market near to that place and these 2 puppies followed him.

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Photo session

My photo session

I was looking at the food in the hand of my owner and he asked me to sit. After that I gave a cute look and heard a sound of click he said I’m a good boy. Still wondering why anyways I got the food I was looking for.

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When I sleep

When I sleep I see wonderful places with lots of balls moving around. I chase all of them at once and try to fit all in my mouth.

I love to bark while sleeping.

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Meet Tyson

Bhauuu Bhauuu, Oh my Dog
My name is Tyson. I am a Labrador Retriever of Yellow colour and I was born on 18th July 2011.

As all Labrador dog, I love playing and running all around. I love eating lots of food. My owner says that I am always hungry but it’s my weakness which makes me smartest dog to search for food.

I have cute dog face and also I have one nose, Two eyes, Two ears, one mouth, Four Legs and a swinging tail. Which keeps me engaged all the time.

Please stay with him here to read his Dog story or you can say Happy pet story. He is definitely one of the cute dog in all cute dogs.


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