I didn’t knew writing a Pet story could be life changing

As every pet owner, we see our pets growing from a small furry baby to a big girl/boy who thinks she/he is still a small baby.
We also face a time when they start growing old and then we start thinking about the time we spent with them. I am also thinking about it and have been wondering how I can make everything permanent for forever.

I have been making a lot of videos of my pet Tyson and I wanted to add more things in this world which relate to him.

This gave me the idea of making this website and while writing the posts for this site I came up with another idea of writing a short story book about him.

I am still writing that book and giving the final touch but while I just started thinking about it I made me smile there are many things which looked ordinary that time but now they have become so precious.

I will share all those stories with you and hope you will like it.

2 thoughts on “I didn’t knew writing a Pet story could be life changing”

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